Lindsy Grosso

Interior Designer

Notable Project Experience:

201 E. Park Ave, Ballard Partners 5th & 6th Floors | DoubleTree 17th Floor | Gables Triplex | 107 W. College Ave | FSU Jim Moran Building

With over a decade of experience focusing on a broad spectrum of commercial interiors, Lindsy is passionate about creating cohesive and functional spaces that represent the individual personality of the client as well as the character of the interior space. She holds a Bachelorís degree from Florida State University majoring in Interior Design. Specializing in the commercial furnishings sector for most of her career, Lindsy has a wealth of knowledge on products associated with the commercial side of design. As acting Tallahassee City Center Director for the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), she organizes CEUs and a variety of functions for the local interior design community.